Meeting scheduled for 60 minutes... we stopped at 90.



Discussion items

5 minTC going 'official'

Inclusion on PC agenda, introduction to #development and #general channels, other ideas?

 35 minReview previous action items 

Goal: Update and decide next actions

  • Definition of Platform/Core (DRAFT) - All comments were due by 20180717. Document is approved. Discuss next steps (marketing, PC, etc.).
    • Still need a definition of what is an app, can be in a separate document so we can get this out.
    • Still expect this document to change.
    • Decision: this document is now complete, version 1.
  • Definition of Done (DRAFT) - All comments were due by 20180717. Comments made by Jakub - resolution? Should our DoD include Sprint designations? Beneficial to share with #development channel?
  • On-boarding documentation. Dev site will be starting point. We'll use EPAM (new team for FOLIO) to collect feedback asap. Milestones and timetable by 20180724.
  • Document the reporting architecture supported by FOLIO. Potential due date?
5 minRFC ProcessWe were going to "Beta" the process. Github Repo setup? How do we advertise this?
10 minTC Backlog reviewReview our backlog and make decisions about what to take on next, how quickly to try and go, etc.
5 minQA Lead's top 3 initial observations

Open Issuesteam


  1. Definition of Platform document agreed to be Approved. Discussed next steps - see action items.
  2. Discussion regarding Definition of Done comments, centrally around the issue of having a "Release" category. Decision was to test this definition with "Demo" replacing "Release" and to survey teams to get feedback on how the definitions fit their practices, etc. See action items for specifics.
  3. Discussed Anton Emelianov's observations and decided to pursue action related to the highest priority item - UI Unit testing. The other 2 highest priorities were #2 - Inability to build based on tags/labels, including pre-built bundles, and #3 - API changes can break dependent modules. See Action items.
  4. Briefly reviewed the first RFC (relates to pipeline for feeding a data lake - should be sent this week to the TC). Vince has setup the RFCs Repo
  5. Discussed an open/live issue regarding developer who leaves an organization - what should happen to their Github permissions? Group decided that write access should be removed. If individual asked to have them reinstated then consideration would be given based on their new relationship with the project.

Action items - All due by next week - 25-July-2018