Discussion items

5 minUpdate on previous action items
  • actions from last week all done
10 minutesCharter item: Set general technical direction, carefully abiding by our ‘local decision making where possible’ guiding principle. 

Discuss what's "local".

  • EPAM request for review - need for TC involvement?
  • Query for DoD Evaluations went to "Team leads"...
  • Repo management discussion - will modules have repo managers?
15 minutesReporting Epics UXPROD-330, UXPROD- 943

Discuss status of "Data pipeline" for reporting (UXPROD-330) and the creation of a data lake (UXPROD-878) and whether the TC needs to make decisions, timetable, etc.

20 minutesTC BacklogTeam

1) Repo Management

2) Build based on Tags

3) API Contract consistency


Goal: Agree which ones to take on, who the TC Lead is, and what the priority and next steps are.

10 minutesWorkflow Presentation to PC Review PPT, comments, questions 

Action items