Spitfire Development Team

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Meet the Team 

Khalilah Gambrell

kgambrell@ebsco.comProduct Owner

Sobha Duvvurisduvvuri@ebsco.comFull Stack Tech Lead

Carole Godfrey

cgodfrey@ebsco.comFull Stack Developer

Dmytro Tkachenko

dmytro_tkachenko@epam.comTeam Lead (Java)

Natalia Zaitseva

natalia_zaitseva1@epam.comJava Developer

Andrii Paias

andrii_paias@epam.comJava Developer

Igor Godlevskyi

igor_godlevskyi@epam.comJS Developer

Yurii Danilenko

yurii_danylenko@epam.comJS Developer

Maksym Dryha

maksym_dryha@epam.comJS Developer

Victoria Rabykina


Scrum Master

Team Calendar

Scrum Board

For the items to be fetched and shown on the board the following requirements should be met:

  • Item must be posted in one of the following projects: UIEH, MODKBEBSCO, MODKBEKBJ, MODCXEKB;
  • Item must have 'epam-spitfire' label in case it in posted in some other project;
  • Item must have 'back-end' or 'front-end' label to be caught by quick filters;
  • Item should have Development Team = Spitfire (to be filtered out from manual testing queue).

Definition of Ready

User Story or Bug can be added to Sprint  only if it conforms to the following criteria of Definition of Ready:

  • Requirements are clearly expressed by PO, reviewed/groomed and well understood by dev team;
  • Acceptance criteria are clearly defined and confirmed by PO and dev team;
  • Estimation in Story Points is added;
  • There are no blockers, dependencies, prerequisites preventing the team from completion of the story/bug (if there are any - they must be clearly indicated and story/bug must be moved to Blocked status);
  • Story conforms to INVEST requirements (if possible):
    • Independent
    • Negotiable
    • Valuable
    • Estimatable
    • Small 
    • Testable

Spikes / Investigations

SPIKE: Duplicate calls for adding/removing tags

SPIKE: Removing tags is too slow

SPIKE: Implement Access Types

Filter Tags Approach

Spike: Change db schema - Notes are domain specific

SPIKE: Define what frontend needs from backend for NOTES

Spike: Define Notes frontend implementation approach

Spike: Approach to integrations with other Folio modules/plug-ins

Spike: Review ResourcesIQ Licenses API

Spike: JMeter - Modularize mod-kb-ebsco-java tests

Spike: Understand Permissions and how to display a permission on UI

SPIKE: Data Import Component: Investigate an approach to move backend file upload functionality into a separate java library

Spike: Orders App: Allow user to search KB for packages/titles

Spike: eholdings App and Agreement App Integration

Spike: eholdings App and License App Integration

Spring Initiative Investigation

Spike: Investigate MUX changes to support Codex updates

Spike: MODKBEKBJ-12 - JMeter for creating a Performance Test Plan

RMB: JSON Schema and RAML interfaces overview

Spring DI in Vertx overview

SPIKE: Research if Search&Sort can have prop that supports more than just checkbox filters

Spike: Use tags in mod-kb-ebscojava