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25minItem States - states historyEmma Boettcher
Determine scope of states history: Availability as well as Process? What information? How far back?

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RequestsCate Boerema

Q4 2018

Q1 2019

Agreed that, for Requests, it would be appropriate to show no request results by default (similar to Users)
  • Better to show none than all
  • Most common workflow is to look up a specific request

  • David Bottorff also said that, for paging request report by csv, we should add an additional Requests filter: Filter requests by item's primary service point. For something you are doing several times a day, exporting csv and filtering from there is too many steps.
  • David also said that you are really probably going to want a more automated report for paging requests eventually (but the csv export is probably fine for v1)
  • Cate explained that we do have a feature in the backlog for a "proper" in-app report (UXPROD-923)
  • Cate said she would add story for the item's SP filter, but, upon further reflection, it might make more sense to just hold off on that, as UXPROD-923 should provide the more automated workflow that is desired. Comment on this page if you have concerns with this approach (David Bottorff or others).

Item statesEmma BoettcherQ1 2019 (or later)When displaying states history, unify availability & process in one column
  • Maximize information shown (both Availability & Process) without jumping back and forth between multiple timelines

  • Discussed use cases & other questions of scope for item states history: reviewing history of requests (Needed For) will be useful, and so will showing the full history (as opposed to system cutting it off arbitrarily)
  • The decision reached introduces a new pattern to the wireframes - could we use this elsewhere? No conclusion


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