• Tested version 11 on a Dell OptiPlex 7040 running Windows 10 with 32GB of RAM.
    • In the process of upgrading to the latest version and will update this document when new version is tested.

Setting PostgreSQL Drivers and Creating the ODBC Data Source (Windows 10)

  • Download and install the latest PostgreSQL ODBC driver fromĀ https://www.postgresql.org/ftp/odbc/versions/msi/
    • We have a 32 bit version of Crystal Reports so we installed to 32 bit driver.
  • Create your ODBC connection, data source, using the newly installed PostgreSQL driver.
    • On the ODBC Data Source Administrator window, choose the System DSN tab, then click Add.
    • Choose the driver you just installed from the list and click finish.
    • Enter your connection information into the appropriate fields and click save.

Connecting Crystal Reports to the Data Source

  • Open Crystal Reports and choose Standard Report Wizard.
  • On the next window, choose the data source name you previously set up and click Next.

  • Once you are connected, choose the tables you want to use and move them to the selected tables. Click Next.

  • Make your table connections.

  • Continue to click through, choosing your fields and criteria for the report.

  • Your report will run automatically when you complete the wizard and click Finish.