Libraries that require all MVP feature for go-live.   (No more, no less)

All functionality that exists in Round II.

Please see this JIRA search for more MVP details.

Improved Search

  • Normalized call number search and sort

Metadata Management

  • Exports
    • Advanced export is not MVP, EDIFACT is not MVP, complex export filters are not MVP. MVP export is expected to be full export of your data for discovery with simple filters (from round II) and export based on a prepared list of identifiers.
    • Exports marked MVP: 
      • Export holdings: 
      • Export items: 
      • Export mapping profile: 
      • Export job profile:
  • Data import
    • More full featured import than what is available in Round II
      • Action and mapping profiles
      • Import inventory items
      • Import inventory holdings
      • Editing EDIFACT invoice mapping
      • Interactive data import/log summary
      • Single record import from OCLC
  • Source record storage improvements
    • Connecting MARC holdings to inventory

Acquisitions Requirements

  • Load orders and invoices from EDI and MARC
  • Voucher exports
  • Facilitate transactions in multiple currencies
    • The ability to facilitate ordering and invoicing in currencies other than the default currency is MVP

Resource Access

  • Remote storage integration module (CAIASoft)
  • Course reserves
  • Automatically create overdue fees
  • Automatically aging to lost
  • Create and manage patron blocks
    • Automated patron blocks (manual patron blocks appear to already exist)
  • Recording check-in history and item statuses
    • View status history on an item appears to be complete, more general circulation log development is not MVP
  • Z29.50 Support

Non-MVP Features expected to be developed in 2020


Technical debt expected to be resolved in 2020

  • Prevent conflicts via optimistic locking
  • Support for upgrading schemas without complete reload of data (upgrade in place)

Round III - MVP Libraries

Wentworth (FLO)

GBV libraries