Background Information


Dec 31

In-house project group: systems librarians, ERM librarians, Head of Acquisitions Department, Technical Services

SIG and Sub Group participation: Metadatamanagement, ERM

Implementation planning in cooperation with our headquarters of the common library network (VZG/GBV).

Re-allocated staff. Currently no plans to hire additional staff. Migration work in cooperation with VZG/GBV.

It is and will be hosted by GBV headquarter.

ERM related apps (Agreements, Licenses, eUsage) first. Core modules like Inventory, Users and Organizations as needed. Aquisition (Orders, Invoices, Vendors etc.) as soon as they reach a point in developmente where all our needs are fulfilled.

Yes. As long as necessary regarding FOLIO's development.

Depends on FOLIO's maturity to be used in a productive environment for our requirements.

Institution Documentation

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