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Product Council Update

During the Product Council meeting, Jesse Koennecke shared a tentative agenda for the face to face meeting. SIG conveners will be contacted to help add content. Attendees: Product Council, Technical Council, SIG Conveners, and some particular, identified, Subject Matter Specialists that work across groups. Laura thought it would be a good forum to discuss Inventory vs. Codex issues as well as authority control issues and decisions. It will be up to Laura and Lisa to make recommendations. Laura would like there to be as many attendees as possible from the MM SIG. Cross SIG/ cross app discussions will be important at this meeting.

This is a FOLIO Community Working Meeting, not a Product Council meeting and not a meeting for those wanting to learn about FOLIO. It is a meeting for those who have been working on FOLIO to collaborate.

Aaron Trehub added that all Product Council and Technical Council members will meet.

Charlotte recommended that the spreadsheet include a column that designates whether or not a suggested topic is appropriate for a face to face meeting, or can be done just as well online.

Developers at Texas A&M reported on FOLIO accessibility testing. Gaps were identified.

Consortia and multi-tenant issues were discussed. Sebastian said that the Fenway Libraries are looking to operate as a single organization and are planning on implementing FOLIO next summer. They need a "lightweight" solution for their consortia needs.

Face to face meeting planningLaura Wright

Meeting dates: June 17-19, Location: Crystal City, VA

Review topics relating to MM

As soon as Laura has more information, she will share what she learns with everyone. Participants are going to be capped at 150 people. Laura mentioned using the RM SIG's working groups at WolfCon last year as a model for the MM SIG at this face to face meeting.

Subgroup Updates and Other Updates
  • The MARCCat subgroup will not meet for the next few weeks as the at Cult team works on development. The next FOLIO forum on April 10 will be a MARCCat demo.
  • The EAD-to-Inventory Mapping subgroup will have its first call on Thursday, April 4.

Inventory Usage Tips page - Navigation from the "Inventory" home page will lead to this information/help page.

Lisa (Tamu) via chat:

"One question for the back burner, that I have had concerning documentation: Since FOLIO is so flexible that different libraries can do things different ways, it's going to be interesting to figure out how to write the documentation like this. There are some things which would be core and others that are local; or better said, we might be able to discuss what is possible, but not prescribe what has to be..."

Martina via chat:

"...would the menu be a good place to link a terms and definitions section?"

Felix via chat:
"+1 to keep it simple. Confluence is really a good 'low-level' platform to do this."

Laura suggested forming a working group of some members that could commit to two or three meetings to work on this. Let Laura know if you are interested. The other apps will have this same feature.

Sara suggested using tags to begin to attempt an early organization. They could be reference points for later formalization. (Ann Kardos via chat - "I love the idea of tags! Thanks, Sara C.")

  • What information should go here?
  • What "level" should we assume? (i.e., beginning user, advanced user?)
  • How would we like to work on this page?

[Note from A-M: I won't be at the meeting, but I added some info to the main page that this Inventory Page is part of: Individual Apps: Information, Tips, and Tricks]

Confluence will be the tool that holds the documentation.

Lisa (TAMU) - via chat)

Where, in some ways I'm serious -- we could have the regular docuements, but then have the buttons to the local practices (the way cat desktop looks?)?"

Felix - via chat - "

"Just as a side-note: There are tools like or that could be used for collaborational documentation, too. If the Folio Confluence is not the appropriate place."

Serials receiving, items, etc.Laura Wright

Review of planned functionality in orders. User stories for Metadata Management needs?

Dennis Bridges can meet with us April 18 to discuss what is planned and what has been implemented for receiving and checking in materials.


- Dennis recommended looking at this Feature and its stories (linked below).

Laura asked that anyone who has questions surrounding serials receiving look at these JIRAs. If the questions are not answered by these stories, please keep it in mind for the discussion with Dennis.

Future meeting topics

Repeatable identifiers in Inventory

Alternate Graphic Representations - when entities and words are/can be represented in more than one graphical form.

Mapping to Inventory beyond MARC

Authority Data


Search enhancements

Item record statuses and the apps that affect them




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