Discussion items

5 minQuick Update
  • Security Audit - have NOT heard from Bishop Fox
  • HRID/UUID discussion
15 minTech Debt 

 Discuss documented issues:


1) Mike Gorrell to draft a definition of Tech Debt for the TC to comment on. Need a common agreed upon definition.

2) Jakub Skoczen and others to work the list of items with a goal of finalizing current priority and 'rankings' by April 30 so that it may be consider along side the rankings of the Implementor Group.

40 MinJune Meeting

Discuss topics worthy/needed by TC. Add to this calendar:

and also consider this:


1) A few items added to the list of meetings

2) General consensus is that it won't be valuable enough to pull all developers in (perhaps any - not even Tech Leads) but some recommendations about planning future conferences were raised. Mike Gorrell to draft a summary that will be forwarded to the PC after TC consensus.