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Shelf List Location

Eric and Sharon met with Charlotte Whitt about overlaps between REP-189 and UXPROD-892 and UXPROD-880. Eric to provide updates on what we learned. There are also some follow-up questions for this group on how to deal with Repeating Fields.

We need to determine how to address repeating fields in the data model. For example:

  • Contributor
  • Identifier
  • Instance Format
  • Call Numbers

Answer: For Repeating Fields the star schema will do a full join for all areas where there are multiple fields; Angela recommends that Eric just note that there will be multiple fields; select based on Item ID

Services Usage Report PrototypeAngela and Sharon met with Emma Boettcher to see if it should be a data warehouse report or an in app report. Angela to provide updates on what we learned and go over any remaining questions/issues.
Loan and Renewal Count Report PrototypeKevin will walk us through this new report prototype
RPWG Projects

Review RPWG Project List

-next priority reports?

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Sharon will follow up with Eric Pennington and Charlotte Whitt on Shelf List Location report  In App vs. DW questions

-update on action item from last RPWG mtg: Sharon, Scott, and Linda to define proposal for External Statistics report prototype

Circ Item Detail Report Prototype

-Nassib and Roman implementing this data model in the shared LDP data warehouse

-latest update on progress from Nassib?

DC Meeting Plans

-duplicate report checking

-still meet with Reporting SIG

-try to meet with POs

-Marc in the data warehouse

-MM Convener joins to discuss MM reporting

For our next meeting...

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Next meeting of the Report Prototype WG is scheduled for Monday, May 27 at 10:00am EST

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