The website provides on-boarding information for all FOLIO developers.  Please take the time to become familiar with the information provided and follow the instructions given.


Additional OLE On-boarding (for developers from OLE partner institutions)

  1. Become familiar with the OLE website
  2. Sign up for “ole” and “developers” e-lists at (The “ole” e-list is where overall project news and status reports are sent; the "developers" e-list is where Holly Mistlebauer (OLE PM) sends occasional information of importance to the developers only.)
  3. Email your Google account name to Anne Highsmith and she will arrange for you to have access to the Open Library Foundation Google Drive named OLF_Shared
  4. Contact information for individual OLE developers is available here. Please add your name. email address, and phone number if it isn't there already. Note that the names are sorted alphabetically by first name.
  5. Watch the recording of the FOLIO Forum titled The FOLIO Development Process: It Takes a Community to learn about our approach to development.  (The slide deck is available here.)