Andrea Loigman

Regina Frindt

Kimie Kester

Carsten Schwill

Cheryl Malmborg

Katharina Haas

Emma Boettcher

Kai Sprenger

Sean Thomas

Sharon Wiles-Young

Cate Boerema

Joanne Leary

David Bottorff

Angela Zoss

David Larsen

Discussion Items

  • Reminder - no meeting on Monday 5/27
  • Will we have a quorum for 5/30?  (I understand this is a national holiday in Germany and a religious holiday for some folks elsewhere).
20minReportsUpdate and questions on current state of reporting

SIG members are better aware of how reporting is being developed and have a process for further input

20minCirc rulesSean ThomasLocation in circ rules con't.Review wireframes for Location-related menus in the Circ Rules Editor. Seeking agreement/feedback.
15minPermissionsUpdate on permissions functionality, con't.Update RA SIG on current situation for permissions and determine next steps for POs

Meeting Outcomes

Functional Area

Product Owner

Planned Release (if known)

Decision Reached


e.g. loans, fees/finesNamee.g. Q4 2018, Q1 2019Clearly stated decision
  • Other use cases identified for teams:
    • Workflows (e.g. patrons submit tickets and they are moved to a given team)
    • Teams might be able to solve difficult privacy issues. We have several institutions where personnel works "across" libraries...
  • Other permission features requested:
    • Ability to see which users are associated with a given permission set so you can quickly look at who's in what and move student workers out of the permission set when they have graduated, for example 
    • "View all settings" permission that allows user to view (every) settings page but not edit


May 27 will be cancelled, May 30 will be cancelled unless we hear otherwise (up to Emma Boetcher)

Angela Zoss assessment team at Duke and reporting SIG
update on reporting SIG

Cate re teams and permissions

Sean re locations and circ rules