(from 5-29-2019 SIG meeting)



This document outlines needs for user management documentation in FOLIO, as defined by the User Management SIG.

These documentation needs may be met by the FOLIO Project, the FOLIO user community, or a combination of those resources.

Areas of Focus


User permissions are managed through the Users App but have broad applicability across the FOLIO ecosystem. Documentation about user permissions should:


Documentation for the Users App UX/UI should


Documentation on searching through the Users App should:

Functional Processes

Several different types of functional library workflows live in the Users App or interact heavily with the app, including creating new patrons, fee/fine management, and anonymizing / scrubbing patron information.

Documentation for functional workflows in the Users App should:


All libraries using FOLIO will expect to be able to run reports in the Users app and through the LDP to understand the work they are doing.

Documentation for reporting should:


Many libraries (especially initial adopters of FOLIO) will need to integrate outside data sources with their users app, to add and delete users based on centralized identity management.

Documentation on integrations should:

Types of Documentation

Different types of documentation will need to be prepared to support user management in FOLIO, including reference documentation, tutorials/getting started guides, and how-to instructions for library workflows.

We would expect technical reference documentation to be produced by FOLIO developers, but it's important to recognize that that documentation is not sufficient for supporting the broader community.

The Users App will need: