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review agenda for Face 2 Face, talk about which meetings to use ZoomName

Report from chat with Anton about testingPatty

Anton Emilianov has been working on the FOLIO project for aobut a year, and he has greatly improved the coverage of unit testing for both back end and functional developments. Because of the distributed nature of the development, some teams were doing a better job doing their own testing than others. There is now a dashboard that describes code coverage here: .The intent of this internal testing is to make better code. As Anton put it, with properly tested code, you won't have "stupid UI bugs." The tests run every time there is a code change. 

Developers must create unit tests which use the BigTest tool written by Frontside. These tests are automatically executed by Jenkins, and include both back end and front end. Next on the agenda is to get automated tests for integrations. 

Performance testing is being done throughout the process. However, it is a good time to develop scenarios and "edge cases" such as the example of the patron with 700 items already checked out to her, so these examples can be set up in a database and tested every time.

Manual testing is also being done on the system, twice a week by a team from EBSCO and during more intense "bugfests" that are tested by implementing librarians.

Creation of Implementer's wikiPattyIt might help everyone's effort to gather together all the tools and information that each implementer is working on in a QA or directory page. Maybe it's a libguide (haha). i.e. Start here. Coordination of this might be something this team could oversee.

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