FOLIO Face-to-Face DC Meeting Schedule:


Sharon Beltaine, Nassib Nassar, Kevin Walker, Angela Zoss, Scott Perry, Matt Harrington


-Zoom link for those not attending in person - Yes

Monday8:00 am - 10:45 amPlenary PresentationChalmers, Reporting, Workflow
Monday11:00am - 12:00 noonLDP Reporting Working Groups - 1

-non-RM topics

-Establish Naming Conventions for reports and queries

-no MM

-Scott will be at Acq

Monday1:30pm - 2:30 pmLDP Reporting Working Groups - 2

-non-RM topics

-cluster report topics; elements in common could be factored into smaller queries

-no MM

-Scott will be at Acq

Monday2:45pm - 3:45pmLDP Reporting Working Groups - 3

conflicts with Data Migration Planning & Implementation

-Sharon to cancel LDP session so folks can attend

-MM focus?

-RM focus?

Monday4:15pm - 5:15pmLDP Reporting Working Groups - 4approach to documentation, data dictionary, prepare for Wed "Documentation for Implementers" session; see when Tod can join

-POs meet

-RA Focus?

Tuesday8:00am - 9:00amIn App Reportingguest PO/Convener: ?  

-no RM or MM

-RA Focus? Slack & Email to Andrea

Tuesday9:15am - 10:15amIn App Reportingguest PO/Convener: ? 

-no RM or MM

-RA Focus?

-conflict with Voyager Implementers session (Kevin and Sharon)

Tuesday10:45am - 11:45amLDP Reporting Working Groups - 5Focus on Resource Management reports-No RM, MM, or RA
Tuesday1:30 - 2:30pmOPEN TIME OPEN TIME

-No RM, MM, or RA

-Data Migration Tooling

Tuesday2:45pm - 3:45pmApp Interaction: ERM + eUsage + Reporting

Tuesday4:15pm - 5:15pmOPEN TIMEOPEN TIME

-RM Focus?

-Circulation Features & Functional Review

Wednesday8:00am - 9:00amIn App Reportingguest PO/Convener: ?

-no RM

-MM Focus? Slack to Laura and Charlotte NO

Wednesday9:15am - 10:15amIn App Reporting

-RM Focus?

-Documentation for Implementers

Wednesday10:45am - 11:45amLDP Reporting Working Groups - 6Leftovers

-MM focus?

-RM Focus? Slack to Dennis and Anne Marie


-see when Tod Olson might be able to join