Insert Help text re license terms.

Field descriptions and usage


A license term 'name' is used when outputting the term data in a machine readable format. It is not intended to be displayed to users (staff or patrons). 

It should be a short text string that can be used by any external systems or programs that access the license term data. Use of camelCase is suggested but not required. Changes to the license term name would affect any external systems using license term data and changes should not be made without consulting those responsible for relevant external systems and software.


A license term 'label' is used when displaying the term to users within Folio and in any other systems that display license terms to users. 

It should be a short text string that clearly communicates what information is recorded in the term. The Description should be used where further explanation of the term is required for display to users.

Primary term

If marked "yes", the term appears as in the terms list by default when you create a new license. Terms that are marked "no" need to be added when creating a license.

Order weight

Determines the order that terms appear.