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Local UpdatesEveryone
  • How is your project planning going?
  • What issues do you need help with?
  • Any tips and tricks you can share?

A&M - had spent time on MVP and Paula was out of town.

Duke - had post-it brainstorm on what needed to happen on a timeline. Took those post-its and set them into a spreadsheet using this template: xxxxxxxxxx. Broke out the strategy post-its into the pieces of the strategy. Considering smaller working groups and how to spread the work so it's not so siloed into cataloging/acq/circ.

FLO - loaded bibs, ran into same HRID issue, loaded 2 sandboxes. Did mapping of HOL and item records. Process (connector) is slow. Setting up circ rules, notices. By Oct 7 doing some workflow testing, setting them up and testing. Looking at things for Daisy and Eidelweiss to be ready for them.

Chicago - farther in loading bib/hol/items than other places because they're putting data direct to the data base. Bulk APIs that are more performant are in the developemnt plan. Support is in RMB (Raml module builder) and is rolling it out to the modules. There's a framework, support needs to be rolled out to the modules.

5 Colleges - sample of data loaded in the past. Highlighted getting reference data in place before loading more data. After installing Daisy they'll load more data. Working groups figuring out how they're going to use various modules. Going well, but confused. Group working on Item Process Status to Item States. Some will be locations, some will be notes, some statistics.

Alabama - loaded 5 million bib records, thousands of users into Clover. Got stuck on holdings and items. Cataloging staff have creaded some holdings/items manually. Will use those to look at circ rules. Will do a dress-rehearsal load with Daisy. Load bibs, load reference data, Then will get to workfows and testing.

Populating inventory, bib records into SRS, need to link SRS to inventory. Can use your own map to load bibs into inventory. The map is better in Daisy. Tolstoy is working on a script to load MARC holdings. Question remains if there will be SRS for MARC holdings. Duke, Alabama, A&M want to store holdings in MARC. Cornell decided to keep holdings in inventory format, Chicago same.

MARC is a transmission standard, not a storage standard. The way things have to be grouped in MARC is not as efficient as storing it other ways. Have a discussion at WOLFcon? 3 support having a conversation at WOLFcon. Right now they're taking suggestions for plenary sessions. RESHARE not worried about MARC holdings. Coral doesn't have MARC. ViewFind wants holdings at the end of the bib record. 

How do you protect time for implementing when everyone is thinly staffed? When are there fires that need to be left to burn? How to say no - some data will need to stay dirty.

Getting data in helps with the fear others feel. Bywater - data first, then training and exposure. Things will change - they are changable, speak up and re-train. Have someone on the back-end ready to respond during training to fix pieces that have been pointed out. In bug fest, people are struggling with seeded data, titles of not-filled-in fields. 

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