Institution is the highest level of the Location hierarchy.

FOLIO libraries will need at least one institution created to be able to populate elements down the hierarchy like campus, library and location.

The four pieces of the location hierarchy are available criteria to use in circulation rules.

Considerations for Implementation


There is one permission control currently implemented for this area of Settings:

There are no action-based permissions currently implemented for this area of Settings. If that changes, please update this information.


Institutions are created through a settings table (that may look familiar as this is similar to other areas of Settings.)

Available Institution fields are

In addition, you have


There is no default search function in the GUI for Institution records. 

Functional workflows

Describe available tasks that can be conducted in the app. To document those tasks, create a new page and link it to this page.
Describe action-based permissions that are connected to these functional workflows, if any.


There are no in-app reports available in this section of FOLIO.


Describe any APIs that interact with the app. Provide links to the API / module information in Github.
Describe integrations that individual libraries may wish to develop for this app / area of FOLIO, if relevant.
If existing integrations have been developed by adopting libraries, provide links to the integration in Github or wherever the information can be found.

Describe and include any permanent links such as a link structure to records, searches, etc