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Kelly Drake

Erin Nettifee

Elizabeth Chenette

Joshua Lambert

Tonya Carter

Gabe Stetson

New England Conservatory Library

Discussion items

1minDevelopment plan, timeline and Sub-group goals

A little bit of slippage in the timeline.

VuFind integration being discussed. 

30 minFast Add

Fast Add -

What is the workflow?

  • Reserve staff is in a course, adding items using barcode or some type of inventory search, but then has an item to add that is not in inventory and does not require full cataloging.  Selects a 'fast add' button and gets a screen?
  • Or Prof hands Reserve staff an item and asks them to add to existing course reserve list - same scenario as above would work?

Generally the fast add record is created and then added to the CR

Aleph has two fast adds, one within course reserves

Voyager - does is from within the CR module, right within the process. 

No additional item fields are required but it needs to be associated with the course.

25 minCR development

Only FLO and U of A need the module this summer/fall 

U of  A using EDS front end - Ebsco is developing (it would be good to figure out if they are using a data dump, or API)

Action items