Sprint Goal / Focus

  • Support for non-serial resources

Sprint Schedule

  • Sprint: 81
  • Release: Fameflower
  • Quarter: 2020 Q1
  • Start Monday 13 Jan, 2pm UK
  • Finish Friday 24 Jan, 12pm UK

Sprint Capacity

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Lead Roles:

  • Front End Code Review: 
  • Back End Code Review:  
  • QA: 

QA Environment: folio-testing


  1. Sprint Goal / Focus
  2. Sprint Capacity
  3. Review sprint candidates 
  4. Agree technical approach / define key implementation tasks
  5. Finalise estimates / costings
  6. Confirm sprint scope
  7. Confirm first actions

Sprint Planning  

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Implementation tasks should be added directly into the Jira issue  

Brought Forward

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Notes / Estimates / Actions

Almost code complete. Query about updating the database to reflect code changes. Potentially look at examples in migrations folder in mod-agreements. 

Functionality complete - cannot be tested yet, as there is an issue with tests suite. 

STCON-92 is now resolved, so this is unblocked.

Sprint Focus

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Notes / Estimates / Actions

 / /  / 

Add to e-resource preview panel in the first instance.

  •  Owen Stephens to define rules for these and subsequent items, eg
    • (Where) are these defined in GoKB?
    • Use author / edition to link potential duplicates in new PCIs / PTIs. 
  • Review UI changes needed with Gill

Steve Osguthorpe.


Q: how to identify a record?

See notes on ERM Sprints 79-80. Owen to followup with Steve.

(error)Needs further definition. May be dependent on ERM-485. 


Jag Goraya to followup with Steve Osguthorpe re streaming dependency.


  • repeatable filters
  • filter by both type and value (different to Org / Roles)

Needs wireframe, and may be dependent on ERM-591.

Investigation goals for Sprint 81: 

  • What support / refactoring is needed from custom properties / backend to facilitate repeatable and nested filters possible? (BE)
    • How to manage functionality in UI? (UX/PO/FE)

No longer effectively blocked by STCON-57