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5 minBulk loading requirementsPatty W.
  • Patty is working with Ian Walls to be sure the proper tickets are written and all the interested parties have their requirements covers.
45 minResults of card-sorting exercise of the Users displayPatty W.
  • After looking at the card sort layout (above) we decided we prefer the order of User record parts to list like this:
    1. User information
    2. Custom fields
    3. Loans
    4. Requests
    5. Fees/fines
    6. Blocks
    7. Notes
    8. Proxy/Sponsors
    9. Contact information
    10. Extended information
    11. Service points
    12. User permissions
  • There was some interest in mapping actions to hotkeys (or, at least, some way to navigate and update the record using just a keyboard).  It's the sort of thing we should bring up to Khalilah. 
    • Actions in the user screen should also show up in a menu under the "Actions" button at the top of the screen.
    • If there's an Action, it should have a hotkey.
  • Notes: Should they come up for the Checkout screen?
    • Should holds appear in a note?  Both are questions for RA-SIG.
  • How should the information display?  Should each section be collapsed if it has no data, and be open if it has data?  Should we be able to customize this display?  There is a JIRA ticket, UIIN-680, connected to UXPROD-1662, that implies work to be done on a template for customizing displays.

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