Prioritize Reports and Assign Work

Report prioritization involves members of the Reporting SIG and their institutions. Initial priorities were included by institutions in the Reporting SIG Master Spreadsheet. Since transferring all reports to JIRA, institutions have been maintain rankings in JIRA instead. Most reports have been grouped into clusters, and the cluster issues are being ranked by institutions. The Reporting SIG functional area teams then coordinates prioritization of the clusters and assigning work to team members.

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Identify Data Elements


Folio Attribute (Module, Path, Attribute)Folio Data Element DescriptionParameters/Query
(mod-users:) groups/idA UUID identifying this (patron) groupsort and count results by (patron group) id
(mod-users:) groups /groupThe unique name of this (patron) group
(mod-users:) users/idA globally unique (UUID) identifier for the user
(mod-users:) users/patronGroupA UUID corresponding to the group the user belongs to; this is a reference to (mod-users:) groups/id; this is a foreign key to the id attribute under groups

(mod-circulation-storage:/loan-storage/loans)idUnique ID (generated UUID) of the loan; represents the loan transaction; storage module; we get data from the storage modulecount loan transactions
(mod-circulation-storage: /loan-storage/loans) userIdforeign key; ID of the patron the item was lent to. Required for open loans, not required for closed loans (for anonymization).
(mod-circulation-storage: /loan-storage/loans) loanDateDate time when the loan beganfilter loan transaction ids by date range
(mod-circulation: /circulation/loans)idUnique ID (generated UUID) of the loan; business logic module; called "loanid" in the reporting database, will be marked as a foreign key
(mod-circulation: /circulation/loans)locationThe effective location of the item; nested under "items"

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Placeholder: review all included data elements to see if they have proper documentation in LDP data dictionary

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