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Working ranking definitions

Working definitions:

R1 = Urgent - this feature is needed immediately

R2 = High - this feature is needed ASAP, at least in next release

R3 = Medium - workaround is deficient, needs to be fixed

R4 = Low - needed, but we can work around for a while

R5 = Not needed

Need to refine these definitions

Rankings definitions

Do we need the "when" column?  Weren't we trying to get away from the time ?

Patty didn't like the "At least in next release" for R2 since we can't guarantee development time at a certain time

The R rankings are our wish list, not the final CPT P rankings

If the "when" isn't providing any information that isn't in the "system impact" or "business impact", what's the quality of the information?

The group decided "when" and "system impact" were not needed

Current definitions - the group will review and make suggestions in the Slack channel by Friday

R1 - Urgent

Cannot implement without this feature; Cannot complete critical functions without this feature

R2 - HighLibrary operations are severely curtailed; Significantly lowers productivity; Cannot fulfill obligations to patrons or partners

R3 - MediumCan perform normal operations but productivity is noticeably lower; Workaround is insufficient and suitable only for short-term use

R4 - LowHas minimal impact on productivity, but all the commercial ILS have this feature; nice to have; Workaround is viable although long-term solution is still needed (or workaround lacks functionality)

R5 - Not needed

The institutions present changed the rankings for UXProds 772, 201 and 203 to "go-live/R1."  Paula will contact the institutions not present about these features

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None suggested

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