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  • Anton Emelianov to announce testing plant at spring demo Tuesday 2020-09-22 after review by Tech Council tomorrow
    • UI modules: no immediate  change in requirements, but make sure Jest/RTL testing is enabled for all UI modules in the CI/CD pipeline. Convert existing BigTest test to Jest/RTL over the next 12 months
    • stripes modules: begin the conversion to BigTest 2 now with assistance from FrontSide
    • end-to-end (NightmareJS) tests: begin the conversion to BigTest 2 now
      • start with helper function in stripes-testing
      • evaluate tests in platform-core and consider converting them
      • evaluate manual tests in TestRail and consider converting them (ideally, convert them all, but we need to prioritize)

coverage goals
  • should we stick to 80% as a coverage metric?
    • general agreement that it's good enough, if not perfect, and we lack alternatives
    • thinking of it as 20% uncovered  code changes the view point and makes this seem much more reasonable
    • please please please write tests for every bug that is fixed

resource allocation
  • need to allocate resources to convert end-to-end tests to BT2
    • keep the commitment small for now until BT2 proves itself (it's still in beta) and preferably somebody on the project long-term so we don't lose the expertise

Action items