Use Cases & Requirements:



Use cases

Allow users create orders and order lines based on order data supplied in MARC bibliographic records 

Allow users to create field mapping profiles, action profiles, and job profiles to support MARC-based order data

Mockup for FOLIO PO/POL Field Mapping Screen

Sample MARC file with Order data

What Backend stories are needed?

What UI stories are needed?

SME Questions:





Is Create the only action needed? (not update)?

Have option to create orders as Pending or Open, or only Open?

OK to follow the regular POL limit setting?

Talk through the flow - when do Inventory records get created? Use the order line setting for Inventory or override with import field mapping profiles?

If override, walk through the flow for matching to existing Instances/Holdings vs, Creating new ones

Developer Questions:





If vendor supplies order date in YYYYMMDD format, can we convert it to FOLIO YYYY-MM-DD default format? 

Would we be able to support other order date formats?

Any existing MARC field mapping logic that we need to review?

For prices, FOLIO always wants an explicit decimal (e.g. 25.15, not 2516, correct?)

Any changes needed to Action or Job profiles to support MARC invoice data? 

For fund/expense class data, which is preferred?

Question for Dennis/Thunderjet

Each value in separate MARC field
e.g. $a USHIST $b Electronic

Both values in same MARC field, separated by colon
e.g. $a USHIST:Electronic

Would Folijet need to take the receiving app into account? What happens if the Inventory records are created before the Order records, and not triggered by the POL's Inventory setting - would that be an issue?

Question for Dennis/Thunderjet