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Convening today: Michael Winkler

No meeting on 11/22


 Consortial needs matrix

  • Continue development of category descriptions on "Categories" tab
    • Points from David
      • we need to account for both the "consortium administrator" perspective and the "member library" perspective in our descriptions; because of this, I would recommend we modify the lead-in sentence from an individual focus "I need to" to "consortia need to". If we think of these as user stories, the consortium becomes the user.
      • I think the descriptions should have a short summary statement before the user story statement
      • I've updated the "buying club" and "infrastructure" descriptions to reflect the above points
      • my consortium does little in terms of "buying club" activities and it's not my area of expertise, so I'd appreciate revisions/additions from those who do more of this type of activity
      • more discussion is needed about "Collection Management" and "Resource Management" to determine if these are distinct categories and work out a shared understanding of what each means
      • what activities are unique to "Consortial Administration"?
      • Is the "Finance" category necessary? My opinion is "no" since we wouldn't say "Finance" when asked the question "What services does your consortium provide to its member?". It seems more likely that there are finance-related needs that are part of the services we offer.
      • I'm finding the Google Sheet difficult to edit and comment upon; I'm thinking we should extract the information on the Categories tab into a Doc for editing/fine-tuning purposes.

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