One of the great aspects of FOLIO is that the platform is open to anyone to create an app.  Ideas for FOLIO apps come from many places, and we want to keep track of them.  Feel free to add your own ideas to this page.

Newly Created App Ideas

Your ideas for new apps are stored in this list as we figure out the best FOLIO Special Interest Group to review the idea.

App Ideas in SIG Review

The real work in the FOLIO Project is done in Special Interest Groups (SIGs).  When your idea is assigned to a SIG, the SIG convener may contact you for more information.  And you are certainly welcome to join the SIG meeting to talk about your idea.

App Ideas in PC Review

Sometimes the FOLIO Project may not have a Special Interest Group that is closely aligned with your idea.  In that case, your idea is reviewed by the Product Council, where we may form a new SIG to work on your app.

App Ideas On Hold

We may not be ready to take on your idea yet.  In that case, a SIG may put the app idea "on hold" while other projects are worked on.