Based on analysis by the Performance Task Force during the Juniper development cycle, these are the recommended maximum file sizes and key configuration settings for Data Import as of the Iris Hotfix 3 and Juniper release. Please work with your systems office or hosting to provider to ensure these configurations are in place. After more performance, reliability, and stability work during Kiwi, these recommendations will be re-evaluated.

For additional information, please see the following:

Performance Testing Data Import (Iris)

Profiles used for PTF Testing

PTF Test results

Performance Testing Data Import (Juniper/Kiwi)

Maximum File Sizes

Import Statistics, with background activity

MARC RecordsCREATE DurationUPDATE Duration
1,00010 minutes10 minutes
5,00030 minutes40-60 minutes (depending on complexity of profile)
25,0002-3 hours8+ hours
50,0005+ hours22+ hours

Import Statistics,  no background activity, no concurrent import jobs

MARC RecordsCREATE DurationUPDATE Duration
1,0005 minutes5 minutes
5,00015 minutes20-30 minutes (depending on complexity of profile)
25,00060-80 minutes4+ hours
50,000150+ minutes11+ hours

Key Settings and Configurations

More information on configuring modules involved in Data Import process can be found by the link.

Key Improvements Delivered as of Iris Hotfix 3 and Juniper:

Additional work (planned for Kiwi and perhaps Lotus)